Research awards and recognitions

I have been honored to receive a few awards to my work from the following entitites:

  • Runner-up award in the ActĂșa-UPM competition for entrepreneurship and creation of technology-based businesses, for the business plan "VECMAN, steerable magnetic nozzle," awarded by UPM (2015).
  • SENER Foundation special award to best Engineering PhD Thesis, awarded by SENER Foundation (2014).
  • Outstanding PhD Thesis award, awarded by UPM (2014).
  • Electric Rocket Propulsion Society (ERPS) IEPC 2011 Best Paper Award, to the paper "On electron inertia and current ambipolarity in Magnetic Nozzle models," by E. Ahedo and M. Merino, IEPC-2011-050, awarded by the ERPS (2011).
  • Second National Award on Outstanding Graduation in Aerospace Engineering (Segundo Premio Extraordinario Fin de Carrera), awarded by the Ministry of Education, Spanish Government (2010).
  • First Prize in the VII Pegasus-AIAA European Student Conference, awarded by the AIAA-PEGASUS association of European Aerospace Universities (2010).
  • Second Prize in the IX National Archimedes Contest for Young Researchers, awarded by the Ministry of Education, Spanish Government (2010).
  • Young Aerospace Engineer of the Year Award, awarded by Aerospace Testing and EUCASS (2010).
  • EPS Best Poster at the ESCAMPIG XX Congress, awarded by the European Physical Society (2010).